How to password protect video on android device

   - Non Device Binding, All Device, One DeviceID, One Password

1. Encrypt video using Non Device Binding, All Device, One DeviceID, One Password

Step 1: Launch "Android Video Protector.exe", click "Choose Video..." button to choose a source video file to the encryption list
Android Video Protector Main User Interface

Step 2: Set the encryption key and the VIDEO ID(if you don't specify it, it will automatically generate it), choose the encryption mode as "Non Device Binding, All Device, One DeviceID, One Password".
Android Video Protector Setting Interface

Step 3: Click "Encrypt" buttom to encrypt the video file, then it will generate a ".and.ppvm" file which is the encrypted video file.
encrypt video

Because the video is encrypted, it requires a playback password to decrypt video when it playback.


2. Playback the encrypted video file

Step 4: Please transfer the encrypted video file to your android device(Tablet or Phone), it can be done by download from internet, USB transfer and other method.

Step 5: Install and Launch "PPVM Video Player" App on your android device, you can download it through this link. Download PPVM Video Player
PPVM Video Player Main UI

Step 6: Press the "Search" button to search encrypted files on your android device. after completing the search, it will list all the encryption files at video list.
Search encryption video files

Step 7: Click the video you want to playback, it will show the password authentication activity, you can see the Video GUID of this video on this device. Because the video isn't bind to a device, the video on all android devices has the same Video GUID. Please remember this Video GUID.
PPVM Video Player Password Authentication Activity

Step 8: Switch to Android Video Protector, click the "Create Playback Password" tab page, type the encryption key and the Video GUID.
type the encryption key and Video GUID

Step 9: Click the "Create Password" button, the playback password is generated. you can send this password to your android device through email or IM tools.
Create Playback password

Step 10: Copy the password once you receive this playback password. Click the "Paste" button to paste the password. Press the "Playback" button, the encrypted video will be playback on your android device.
Playback encrypted video files